All About Outstanding Facilities Provide by Students at Preschool Jakarta Barat

Talking about the best education, every parent wants to give the best quality to their children. Even when children are in their golden age, parents try to find the best preschool in developing their abilities. Preschool Jakarta Barat Global Sevilla can be the right choice for early childhood education because the following facilities are available.

Facilities Available at Global Sevilla International Preschool

  1. Classroom

The first facility that you can find at Global Sevilla international school is a class for toddlers. In the early year’s program, you can register toddlers with ages starting from 1.5 to take classes at this one international school. Classrooms for toddlers are available with unique designs. As a result, classrooms can provide the best safe and comfortable facilities for children.

At the same time, floors and walls for toddler classes have tumbling mats or soft mats. It is essential to make children comfortable and prevent collisions. Not only classes for toddlers, but there are also pre-nursery, nursery, kindergarten 1, and kindergarten 2 classes which are the basic programs of the early years in preschool. Also, all classroom areas are beautifully decorated to stimulate the senses.

  1. Sensory Room

As one of the best Preschool Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla has a sensory room for children in the early year’s stage. In this room, kindergarten students can easily play to their heart’s content. In addition, the sensory room is able to build their maximum ability in climbing, maintaining balance, agility, jumping, etc.

In other words, the sensory room has a unique design with lots of games that can stimulate children’s sensory and motor skills. Like the mini version of outbound, children can have a fun experience. It is because all outbound activities in the sensory room are always supervised by trained teachers who are ready to help children develop their abilities.

  1. Kindergarten Reading Corner

Global Sevilla international school has the best program for cultivating children’s love for books from an early age. Thus, the preschool provides this kindergarten reading corner room. Students at Preschool Jakarta Barat can find several well-arranged picture storybooks. Around it, there is a carpet that has soft pillows for children to relax while listening to stories from the teacher.

Global Sevilla International School has a decent education in one of the best schools in Jakarta. Even the school that carries the Cambridge curriculum completes its education with supporting facilities that can develop children’s abilities early. Of course, professional teachers always supervise all activities for developing children’s abilities.