4 Reasons Why Global Sevilla Can Build Children’s Character

The best education is the target of many parents for their children. Education has an essential role to define children’s future. To face global competition, sending children to international schools is one effective way that can be applied. Global Sevilla is one of the preschool Jakarta Timur that has a global standard of education. Here’s the information!

Reasons Why Global Sevilla Can Build Childrens Character

Reasons Why Global Sevilla Can Build Children’s Character

  1. Complete Facilities and Children Liked

One of the reasons why the preschool academic level at Global Sevilla is outstanding is because of the complete facilities. If the learning pattern is complete and fun, students will feel comfortable when they are at school. In addition, this institution also adds technology that follows the flow of globalization, such as utilizing various types of videos and music from several media.

  1. Practical and Balanced Education Program

Global Sevilla has indeed provided the best schools to properly educate early childhood children. One of the methods used is by applying a balanced educational method. The point here is that schools do not only prioritize academic education. But it also implements several programs to shape the character of students to become even better.

The way to do this program is by implementing school values, such as compassion, giving, and self-control. With effective learning methods, children in preschool Jakarta will not be bored when they have to go to school. This is also in line with the vision and mission of Global Sevilla to balance education and children’s happiness while studying.

  1. Personal Approach for Balanced Learning

Personalized learning at the Preschool level promotes instruction. It will be tailored to the pace of learning and approach based on the needs of each student. At Global Sevilla Preschool, children will learn with several effective methods, such as instructional approach, instructional content based on learner needs. In addition, activities will be selected according to the material relevant to students.

  1. Character Development and Development Program

At preschool Jakarta, students will be taught how to behave better. The method applied by the teacher is to show good qualities. As a result, teachers can instill good values ​​in students so that students want to imitate them. When the teacher behaves well such as fair, compassionate, and respectful, children will see and try to apply this respectable behavior.

There are many reasons why you should choose Global Sevilla as a school that builds children’s character. As a parent, you will not regret if your children receive an education there from an early age. Because this school produces alumni who are successful and have a good attitude or character.